We are the tech abortion access coalition

TAAC is a professional organization and volunteer corps of engineers, designers, data scientists, user researchers, marketers, and more dedicated to bringing our talents from the tech sector to serve the needs of abortion funds, abortion providers and their clients. By submitting an application, you can join us in 3 key initiatives.

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Tech Volunteering

We connect tech talent with abortion funds and providers requesting assistance with development, design, marketing, as well as IT support for updating and configuring the many existing fundraising, medical record and case management systems used in service provider work.

Fundraising and advocacy

Abortion funds do the critical work of helping clients close the financial gap to pay for their procedures. We work to raise those funds, ask our tech companies to match them, and lobby our companies to stand up for their teams' and users' abortion rights.



TAAC is a proud supporter and sponsor of the Abortion Access Hackathon, and other events that bring together reproductive rights professionals and activists with technologists to support existing ground operations and initiatives. TAAC members get pre-screened entry to future SF Abortion Access Hackathons.

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